ACR 29.8 с записью контактов и номеров телефона

Well, ACR always works on my Android phone. I do not upgrade to Android 9.0 because recording calls will not work on it. But a few days ago ACR on my Android 7.0 started recording call with "no phone mumber" in records list, because of Google new policy denied call log permission for all call recording apps including ACR. If you use Samsung phone, you can download -Unchained version from Samsung Apps. For others, well, the only way now is to use the last 29.8 version of ACR which can do everything like we like. You can download it here for free. And do not upgrade it in future.

Download file (5mb)
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Unzip archieve, load the *apk file to phone and install it from standard filemanager. Also you must allow installation from another places, not just from Google Play. 

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