Simple Download Counter version 1.4 released

Today I updated my Simple Download Counter plugin for Joomla 3. Version 1.4 with some bug fixes and Spanish language support is available now. Also now your visitors can forcely download your files even if their browser wants to open them istead of downloading. I again want to say thanks for all, who has tested previous versions! I`m very proud that my little application is used at several Joomla 3 sites in net. 

Free and fast template design for Joomla CMS platform

Spanish language files for Simple Download Counter for Joomla 3 and this november release are kindly presented by Liber Leiva and his new project Have a look at this great work and try how their Joomla template works fine and speedy! And uses my plugin right now embarassed

Download file (10kb)
Already downloaded 126 times

Well, Simple Download Counter 1.4 admin panel now looks like this:

 Simple Download Counter updated to 1.4 version

If you set option Open download link in new page - to all links for files this plugin will use "target = _blank"  tag. And if you set option Try to download file by force - a special html tag download will present in link in href code. Last option will be usefull for files which your browser want/can open by itself. PDF files, JPEG, PNG and others. With this option it will download files forcibly, I hope laughing

If you have questions or need a support  - you can leave a comment here. I`ll answer as soon as I can. 


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csib Permalink +1 csib
I want downloading be on only for logined users. When I choose only for registed users in admin panel - guests see my (sdc micro.pdf) code in article. Can you improve it? I want my own message for them like "please buy a plan and login"
2020-02-16 20:04 Reply Reply with quote Quote
Ягнёнок Permalink +1 Ягнёнок
Sorry) I didn`t know that code presents in artcle text if access level is changed. I`ll repair it in new version or can send you edited file if you can`t wait
2020-02-17 21:01 Reply Reply with quote Quote

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