Simple Download Counter version 1.3 released

Thanks for all, who uses Simple Download Counter plugin for Joomla 3 and tries to do it better by sending error and fix messsages for me. Today it`s time to release version 1.3. New feature, fixed errors and download link in this article below laughing 

Changelog from 1.2:

1. Thanks to Roberto for finding and fixing caching problem while using plugin with Joomla native caching enabled. Tested on 3.9.13 + Php 7.2. 

2. Francesco asked to open download links in new browser tab. It`s usefull, for example, with pdf files, which your browser just opens. 

3. Added showing MD5 Hash sum of the file. 

Simple Download Counter version 1.3 released

If you have localized this plugin to your native language - send me LANG files. I`l use them in future plugin versions and give a link to your resourse. That`s all, thank you, good luck for your projects wink.

Download file (8kb)
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