Making module Categories better in Joomla 3 part 3

I didn`t like how Joomla native Categories module counts articles in categories. It counts them separately, for example, if parent category has no articles, even if it has child categories with published articles - it says 0 articles in parent category. So I made new modification for it, so native module Categories counts all articles which are in all child categories in parent category. How this works you can see in right menu "Rubrics" on this blog, more info below in this post. 

This year I have already upgraded this module, you can read about it in older articles - Making module Categories better in Joomla 3 part 1 and Making module Categories better in Joomla 3 part 2

Улучшаем модуль Категории для Joomla 3 часть 3

You can download modificated files here. Just copy files default_items_mod3.php и default.php from archieve below to folder templates/your-template/html/mod_articles_categories/, and change file mod_articles_categories.xml in folder /modules/mod_articles_categories/.

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