Making module Categories better in Joomla 3 part 1

As you have seen, I use module Categories (well known as mod_articles_categories) in right sidebar like a menu for my rubrics. But I`d like to choose, which categories I don`t want to show in this module, but they, and articles in them, must stay published and available as direct link in searchengines or local joomla site search plugin. I do not like to use Joomla stock archieve component, because It`s the worst part of Joomla as for me, so I`ve done a little modification for module mod_articles_categories by myself to choose which categories show or not on page and maybe this topic will be usefull for you too. 

Making module Categories better in Joomla 3 part 1

Fisrt file, which have been modified is mod_articles_categories.xml.  Now It helps us to choose which categories are visible in module and saves their ID in database. Also I have edited file default_items.php, which is standard mod_articles_categories module output in Joomla 3 frontend.  This two files are available to download below:

Download file (7kb)
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For installation unzip the archieve. File mod_articles_categories.xml replace in /modules/mod_articles_categories/ and file default_items.php copy in templates/YOUR-TEMPLATE-FOLDER/html/mod_articles_categories/ and enjoy. 

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