Улучшаем модуль Категории для Joomla 3 часть 2

Several days ago I made some improvements in module mod_articles_categories - now it shows in tree only selected in admin panel categories.  But after that I got new "call"- all categories in module tree we always opened, but I wanted to show only parent categories and when parent category is active, only at that moment show it`s children categories tree. So I decided to make this standard Joomla Categories module better again. 

Making module Categories better in Joomla 3 part 1

As you have seen, I use module Categories (well known as mod_articles_categories) in right sidebar like a menu for my rubrics. But I`d like to choose, which categories I don`t want to show in this module, but they, and articles in them, must stay published and available as direct link in searchengines or local joomla site search plugin. I do not like to use Joomla stock archieve component, because It`s the worst part of Joomla as for me, so I`ve done a little modification for module mod_articles_categories by myself to choose which categories show or not on page and maybe this topic will be usefull for you too. 

I use JComments component at almost my sites which need a comments system. But I don`t like links like "Add comment" or "2 Comments" under each article intro. I like comments counter under article header, like in some EasyBlog, K2 article templates. So this post is about how to show JComments comments counter anywhere you want. Let`s start.


I had much free time on this holidays, so new version 1.1 of Simple Download Counter for Joomla 3 is released. I got some ideas in comments about new features which users want to see in this extension, so I tried to include them. Well, the result for download and changelog from version 1.0 is in this first new year post. 

Few days ago I was trying to include Joomla multilanguage system in my Simple Download Counter for Joomla 3 plugin. And I found that if I use string, which I override manually in  Extensions - Languages - Overrides menu , JText::_('Our overriden constant'); work fines. But if I set constant in LANG file of my extension and tried JText - I got zero result. So I decided to include Joomla 3 multilanguage system support in my plugin manually.