Simple Download Counter version 1.3 released

Thanks for all, who uses Simple Download Counter plugin for Joomla 3 and tries to do it better by sending error and fix messsages for me. Today it`s time to release version 1.3. New feature, fixed errors and download link in this article below laughing 

Making module Categories better in Joomla 3 part 3

I didn`t like how Joomla native Categories module counts articles in categories. It counts them separately, for example, if parent category has no articles, even if it has child categories with published articles - it says 0 articles in parent category. So I made new modification for it, so native module Categories counts all articles which are in all child categories in parent category. How this works you can see in right menu "Rubrics" on this blog, more info below in this post. 

Simple Download Counter вышла версия 1.2

Today is 14th of April, my birthday, so I have much time to release new version of my Simple Download Counter plugin laughing  Well, in version 1.2 I made some fixes, you can see changelog, admin panel screenshot and download link below in this article. 

Улучшаем модуль Категории для Joomla 3 часть 2

Several days ago I made some improvements in module mod_articles_categories - now it shows in tree only selected in admin panel categories.  But after that I got new "call"- all categories in module tree we always opened, but I wanted to show only parent categories and when parent category is active, only at that moment show it`s children categories tree. So I decided to make this standard Joomla Categories module better again. 

Making module Categories better in Joomla 3 part 1

As you have seen, I use module Categories (well known as mod_articles_categories) in right sidebar like a menu for my rubrics. But I`d like to choose, which categories I don`t want to show in this module, but they, and articles in them, must stay published and available as direct link in searchengines or local joomla site search plugin. I do not like to use Joomla stock archieve component, because It`s the worst part of Joomla as for me, so I`ve done a little modification for module mod_articles_categories by myself to choose which categories show or not on page and maybe this topic will be usefull for you too.