I had much free time on this holidays, so new version 1.1 of Simple Download Counter for Joomla 3 is released. I got some ideas in comments about new features which users want to see in this extension, so I tried to include them. Well, the result for download and changelog from version 1.0 is in this first new year post. 

Few days ago I was trying to include Joomla multilanguage system in my Simple Download Counter for Joomla 3 plugin. And I found that if I use string, which I override manually in  Extensions - Languages - Overrides menu , JText::_('Our overriden constant'); work fines. But if I set constant in LANG file of my extension and tried JText - I got zero result. So I decided to include Joomla 3 multilanguage system support in my plugin manually. 

Simple Download Counter для Joomla 3

Do you want easily insert download link in Joomla 3 article? It could be quite nice to have downloads counter also? And no need to install new heavy components? Let me introduce you - Simple Download Counter for Joomla 3. It`s a plugin, which can help you to insert download link in any place in Joomla 3 articles with or without downloads counter. Simple and Easy - is it enough?