Запись звонков на Huawei c EMUI 10

Well, as you know, EMUI 10 doesn`t support call recording from box. And any Android applications can`t record calls from line since Android 9.0. My main phone today is Huawei P30 Pro, I updated it to EMUI 10 and can`t install Huawei call recorder, which I used on EMUI 9. But there is one way to have a call recording function in your Huawei mobile with EMUI 10 on board.  

The only way looks like this:

1. Downgrade to EMUI 9 by using Huawei HiSuite software on your PC. Connect phone, exec HiSuite and downgrade to EMUI 9. 

2. After that you can install Huawei Call recorder from link below:

Download file HwCallRecorder.apk (417kb)
Already downloaded 9165 times

3. And then you can upgrade to EMUI 10.

Now my Huawei P30 Pro with EMUI 10 on board records all calls well! Try and get it! There is only one problem - if in future you make a hard reset to your smartphone - call recorder will be erased too. That`s all, take care of you!

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